With an energetic catalog of songs and a variety of styles, Corporate Seventy 7 will fill the dance floors every time they step on a stage! From elegant cocktail hours to full blown after-parties, no matter what kind of event you host, Corporate Seventy 7 is dedicated to creating an experience you and your guests will never forget! 


With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, it was always our desire to perform, so in 2018, we decided to take a leap of faith and make a band!


Why the name Corporate Seventy 7? Well, we wanted to make sure that we lived up to our name! The number 77 means to be full or content and that’s exactly what we strive to embody through each performance!


Why us over other bands? From the moment we begin working with our clients, EVERYTHING is about them! We tailor our performance to our clients likes and interests. Our band? We don’t have a set crew, we hand pick experience band members that fit the music and genre we will be playing! The music? If we don’t already know it, we will learn it! The day of the event? We work hard to make sure you can party hard! 


In the end, our goal is to provide music that allows our client’s event to create everlasting memories. We want our clients to be able to hear a song 10 years from now and feel as if they are still on at their party dancing the night away!